Hello World

Cher at 1 month
Cher at 1 month

Hello World!

On February 23rd, this last very week, a lovely new baby was born to Judy, our guard donkey. Fortunately the temperatures were marginally above freezing and the baby is beautiful, healthy and happy.

It’s a jenny (a girl)!

We haven’t named her yet but she is almost identical to Cher, the other foal Judy had in 2013. We’ve only had donkeys for 3 1/2 years, since we moved to our current home near Tofield Alberta with our Shetland sheep and alpacas, dog and cat. Rusty is the dad, a roan miniature donkey and Judy is a dun (grey) with brown tones in her face.

I’ve uploaded a picture of Cher at 1 month old so you can see what she will likely look like and I’ll add pictures as I am able to take them for your donkey appreciation pleasure.